The IAPB website

This is the first of many more user-friendly, interactive sites to follow.

The main reasons for a site like this are:

  1. To have one single web address to go to for:

    • information sharing between National Eye Coordinators
    • information sharing between IAPB Africa and National Eye Care Coordinators
    • infornation sharing within subregions, between IAPB Vice Chairs and their respective countries
    • information sharing among all V2020 stakeholders in Africa
    • relevant and updated information on regional, subregional and country information on V2020 activities
  2. To offer a site where everyone (eg, IAPB vice chairs, NEC, V2020 partners) with a valid and vetted username and password can post (publish) useful information relating to their subregion, country, organisation or institution, or their area of work or expertise

  3. A one stop place where as many relevant resources as possible on as many aspects of V2020 implementation (Disease Control, HRD, Insfrastructure Development, Health systems, structures and policies, Advocacy, etc.) will be made available for easy access. This is particularly important for all those (still) with slow or limited internet access across the continent

  4. A place where it is hoped, themed discussions or joint work on important documents (eg, developing new strategies for the region, or working jointly on project proposals) will regularly take place, with input from everyone, at the time of their choosing, based on their availability.

  5. A place where it is hoped, you too can make a unique contribution to making VISION 2020 joint efforts, something that is not only good to talk about, but actually make a difference in the lives of the (still) many out there who need a lot more than a dream, a good initiative, but actually want to see, take charge of their own lives, or be restored in their dignity.