Strategic Objectives

They stem from our mission statement and cover the following areas:

Overall Coordination of VISION 2020 activities across the continent

IAPB African Executive Office alongside the Chair and Co-chairs are tasked with coordinating VISION 2020 activities in the 46 countries across the African Continent.
There are at least two main levels at which IAPB Africa coordinates VISION 2020 activities:
1.1 General Level Coordination

1.2 Coordination at the implementation level Implementation of large scale eye health programmes, country by country and district by district utilizing the VISION 2020 well known and widely publicized three prong strategy: Disease Control, Human Resource Development, and Infrastructure Development. The coordination at Implementation level includes:
1.2.1 Providing regular updates on:

1.2.2 Promoting the inclusion of Priority Eye Care Teams through:
1.2.3 Best Practice Models documented and monitored:

Technical Assistance

As understood here: Technical Assistance (TA) is the provision of expert advice, assistance in planning and implementation, mentorship, monitoring and evaluation and training to ensure the successful development and operationalization of eye health programs.

IAPB Africa is not an implementing structure; IAPB expertise lay in the ability to assist directly through in-house expertise, assisting within the various task forces, and providing or facilitating access to a wide range of regional and international experts as appropriate.

IAPB Africa will focus on the following priority areas:


IAPB Africa is not a research agency, IAPB seeks to promote relevant research, collect, summarise and disseminate research findings on Eye Health and related issues that are appropriate for Africa. IAPB Strategy for research will include:

In so doing, IAPB hopes to build a stronger evidence base for Vision 2020 implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is understood here as:

IAPB M&E Strategy: Due to complexity and diversification of VISION 2020, IAPB is in the process of developing a robust user-friendly database system which will ensure that progress made on each of the key components of V2020 operations are adequately captured, timely reported and made quickly accessible to all stakeholders. The new V2020 database will enable us to do just that and hopefully more. The data base will be online shortly.


What is Advocacy: Advocacy is a planned process of influencing in order to achieve a specific outcome.

Why Advocacy: to ensure VISION 2020 and its partners are better known, and to attract more support and resources for its activities at regional, sub-regional and country levels, and to explore possible partnerships with other, “non eye”, major players in health and development sectors.

IAPB Advocacy Efforts, Global and within Africa include: