MDGs and Development

This section explores how to, effectively utilize the MDG to convince governments to act; attract more funding by multilateral funders to Vision 2020; or tie VISION 2020 goals and objectives into the MDGs? This section will give you information on the MDGs and how to relate them effectively to Eye Health initiatives, as well as information on Development in general, all of which is useful for advocacy effective planning of comprehensive eye health programmes, and more. Included are resources on Sustainable development goals: "One of the main outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference was the agreement by member States to launch a process to develop a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will build upon the MDGs and converge with the post 2015 development agenda ... an "inclusive and transparent intergovernmental process open to all stakeholders, with a view to developing global sustainable development goals to be agreed by the General Assembly". (Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform)